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Thinking about Air and Space Power in 2025 Five Guiding Principles

Thinking about Air and Space Power in 2025 Five Guiding Principles

Lt Gen Denis Mercier, French Air Force


The year 2025 is not far away. However, the coming years will doubtless surprise us since geostrategic or technological developments are so unpredictable. The air and space environment will certainly feature major breakthroughs that we must be ready to face. This article does not claim to treat this topic comprehensively; rather, it suggests a few principles that one can apply to support a view of the stakes for tomorrow’s airpower. Preparing for the future is difficult. One must select the time frame in order to build an innovative but realistic and reachable vision. Economist Peter Drucker used to argue that “the essence of planning is to make present decisions with knowledge of their futurity.”1 Indeed, the years between now and 2025 have already been defined by a program of orders and deliveries 

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